Thursday, October 16, 2008

Studio Up and Running

We finally have our studio set up and underway at Musicwise. I think we'll be offering a unique situation; a music store with vintage and used gear and a studio around back. The cool part is that any of our inventory can be used for sessions when you book with us. So if don't own a cool tube amp,a Rhodes or a Space Echo you can have access to one when you track here. And our inventory changes all the time so take advantage, the rates are really good.
Our first full band project is with Inner Lights. We tracked these guys over the past couple of weeks and they sound fantastic. We tracked some of it to 8 channel tape and the rest to digital. I'm mixing that now so look for that soon.


Darren said...

Update! Inner Lights can be found at

and their blog is at:

Go check em out they know how to R.O. with the C.O.

inner lights said...

Thanks again for the amazing work! We are still buzzing from the vibes during the sessions.
xxxInner Lightsxxx